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How to make a Real Estate Agency in Marrakech succeed!

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To succeed in real estate everywhere and in Marrakech particularly, you have to know how to satisfy its customers. Attention is not to do everything they ask for, but to do everything that is good to achieve the sale of the property in satisfactory conditions to all parties.

Our advice: to make quality. For that, it is necessary to limit the number of mandates, to work on a restricted sector, to regularly follow trainings, to apply an effective and coherent method, and to well organize the week’s work.

Quality, quality and quality!

To make quality, it is necessary to have very few mandates. The standard in the profession has long been forty to sixty warrants per person (trader) in stock. How to give satisfaction to so many owners at the same time? Knowing that they ask us not only quality work, but also frequent contacts to keep them informed of our procedures, visits, the state of the market … Experience proves that twelve to fifteen mandates are a maximum to reach this goal, beyond that is illusory. Fifteen terms are not enough to make a living? Yes, if they are simple mandates, whose conversion rate is of the order of 15%. The only solution to make quality work profitable is to work only in exclusive (or limiting) mandate, with a transformation rate of 80% minimum! This is not only possible, but also relatively easy, with a good method (see below) and good tools, fifteen mandates are enough.

         Always with the aim of a quality work, it is necessary to be limited to a geographical sector as small as possible. Again, it’s easy, since we do not need fifty mandates … And the benefits are many, we quickly know the sector on the fingertips, we can better educate the customers, we limit the costs of displacement and the time lost, we save money on procedures and advertising … And we quickly become THE essential reference. It is better to be first in your village than second in Paris, especially from the Internet! At this stage, it must be perfectly integrated that the work of the real estate agent is to sell a property on behalf of an owner, and not have a plethoric choice to satisfy purchasers. To have a choice, there are other solutions, including common files.

Avoiding the collapse !

         Whoever renounces becoming better is already ceasing to be good! To avoid dropping out, it is necessary to follow a regular training, in all areas of competence required to be a good player in the real estate such as real estate law, of course, with incursions into family law, contracts, inheritance, management, even life. Not to mention a thorough study of the real estate agent’s duty to advise, and the many case law in this area; marketing, in all areas of the commercial, which begins with a thorough reflection on the design of one’s mission and ends with the development and implementation of tools and methods adapted. Training in the areas of prospecting, estimation, photography, internet referencing, writing ads, organizing a good visit, negotiation … are essential.

Finally, we must organize ourselves. This job is practiced a lot on the field, if we do not discipline we are quickly overwhelmed! It is therefore advisable to make a schedule of the week and stick to it. On this day from time to time we call all the owners to take stock, a time slot will be reserved for writing and improving the ads , others to buybacks, prospecting, visits … Only in this way we can find and maintain a good balance between all these activities. Without such a predefined framework we will very quickly neglect some tasks that are essential, to the benefit of what we believe to be the urgency of the moment.


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